Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Influenster & My 2013 Rose VoxBox!

For those who do not know, Influenster is a company that will send you a box of products to try out and review.  It is completely free and a great way to try new things!  On their website you can read and write reviews, see products that other people have tried, and connect with others who are also reviewing products.  I have been fortunate to receive three boxes, this being my third, and have discovered some amazing items to add to my daily routine.  I recommend checking out their website!
~ ~

 BelVita is a brand I see quite around frequently since I work in a grocery store.  But for some reason I have never been interested in trying their products until now.  This package of breakfast biscuits in the flavor Cinnamon Brown Sugar was the first product I noticed in the Rose VoxBox.  I opened them right then and there and ate them all.  They were quite good too!  Tasted almost like a Nabisco Graham Cracker, which I love!  I enjoy belVita's bright packaging and they are great for on-the-go situations and like me, you'll go out and buy a box to keep in your car for early morning drives to work. I really recommend these breakfast biscuits! I give this product 4 out of 5 (:

~ ~
Oh. Em. Gee.  I have never seen these gradation polish kits in stores so when I saw this in the box, I freaked.  My sister actually took it from me and used it before I even got to try it out!  They are so simple to use and dry fast.  The colors to layer are a silver, gray, and chunky sparkles, all layered up they look a bit like a galaxy in space.  Isn't that a trend right now anyway?  I cannot wait to go to the store and look for other colors because these are definitely a new favorite of mine and I'll be wearing for ages!  P.S. my mom and sister take these from me all the time so that's a good sign right?!  Definite thumbs up! I give this product 5 out of 5 (:

~ ~
I swear this VoxBox arrived at the right time.  It's like the beauty gods were watching over me because I had actually used up the rest of my mascara that morning and needed to go out and purchase more but nope, IT had come to me.  Trying new mascaras are one of my favorite pastimes, no joke.  I wear glasses and using mascara that lengthens my eyelashes too much is kind of a bummer because they will rub against my lenses and irritate my eyes.  So instead I normally opt for the volumizing mascara.  This product is exactly what I love too.  It is in the color black and makes your eyelashes very bold with very few layers so it's a quick go-to product if you don't have much time to get ready in the morning.  The formula doesn't clump your lashes together but separates and volumizes perfectly. I give this product 4 out of 5 (:

~ ~
I am going to say this without shame, I will eat entire bag of these truffles if I had the chance.  My mom, sister, and I had a tradition where we would always buy a bag of Lindt assorted chocolate truffles while shopping at Target and split them.  So I am no stranger to these delicious treats!  These chocolates melt in your mouth and are soooo gooooood.  I used the coupon that came in this bag to buy another bag of White Chocolate Lindt truffles.  Sadly, those didn't make it into my tummy but instead I baked them inside white cupcakes and topped with white chocolate frosting as a treat for my coworkers.  My mom even bought a few bags last year for stocking stuffers!  Seriously, my mom rocks! I give this product 5 out of 5 (:

~ ~
 The last product that I had recieved in this box was Dr. Scholl's Cozy Cushions.  Honestly, I still have these in the package.  But I am planning on breaking them out soon now that it is winter!  Maybe for when I have to shovel the driveway?  I don't have support or comfort problems with my feet so that's why I haven't felt compelled to try them yet.  But that doesn't mean I am not excited to!

**I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.

Monday, June 10, 2013


**This product was sent to me to be reviewed, however these are MY OWN opinions**

Looking at the picture above, you can see the VEET EasyWax kit includes: 
  • an electrical warmer base
  • wax refill
  • 24 wax strips
  • 4 wipes
How to Use:
  1. Place wax roller into the base and plug-in.
  2. Heat for 25 mintues.
  3. Roll onto waxing area in the direction of hair growth.
  4. Place waxing strip over wax and rub to make sure it grabs the hair.
  5. Pull quickly in the opposite direction of hair growth.
  6. Use finishing wipe to clean off waxed skin.
  7. Moisturize with lotion.
When using this product, I found both pros and cons.  I like the colors and the whole "look" of the product.  It is very sleek and eye-catching.  I also like that the wax doesn't heat to a face clenching heat.  The VEET waxing strips are of great quality and the actual wax has a pretty decent scent to it.  The best thing, is that it is easy to apply!

Now for the cons.  First off, I do not like how long it takes to heat the wax (25 minutes).  I could easily buy waxing strips, heat them in the microwave for 5 seconds and quickly get on with life.  Also, the extra wax is a bit of a pain to get off your skin with the stickiness and all.  Last, I did not find that the product worked unless I had very long hair, which I do not wish to grow out that long ever again.. even for the sake of using up the rest of the wax from this product.  Not worth it to me.

Overall, this product was pretty average in comparison to other waxing kits.  If you like waxing and the idea of doing it yourself even if it takes about 45 minutes, then I definitely recommend it.  It's not a bad product but it's definitely time consuming!

This product is available at Target and Walmart.

Monday, February 18, 2013

BRAND REVIEW: Simple Skincare

Simple Skincare is a brand that I have been using since February of 2012.  My skin is very sensitive and before I had made the switch to Simple Skincare, I had been using Clinique products.  Thirty-six dollars a bottle had gotten to be expensive for an 18-year-old like myself so I moved onto a more budget-friendly brand.  Since I have been using these products for 1 year now, obviously I approve of them, and it's about time that I share my opinion with you guys!

First off, let me tell you what I like about their brand in general:
  • Products do not contain animal derived ingredients which means they are vegan friendly!
  • A little bit goes a long way. Seriously.
  • All products contain Vitamin B5. A vitamin that helps moisturize as well as prevent acne!
  • All products are hypoallergenic, pH balanced, and non-comedogenic which also means you are less likely to have an allergic reaction to these products and they do not clog pores. (:

1. Refreshing Facial Wash Gel - This is a trial sized product (1.7 fl oz.) that I had picked up last February to test out and I still have about 1/3 of it left! That pretty much proves bullet point #2 up above there.  This gel does not contain soap or any ingredients that would dry your skin and that's what I absolutely love!  Before using this face wash, I would just use soap and it always left my skin tight and dry feeling.  A day hasn't gone by yet without me using this face wash gel.  It hydrates the skin and makes you feel refreshed.

2. Eye-makeup Remover - This eye-makeup remover comes in a 4.2 fl oz. bottle and is a relatively new product to this brand I believe.  The remover has a consistency of water so this product won't last as long as the other gels and moisturizers.  The two things I love about this makeup remover is that it does not contain oil and can remove waterproof mascara.  When I used high-end eye-makeup remover, it definitely did its job well and took off the makeup effortlessly but I always felt a bit sticky or greasy after using it.  This Simple Skincare water-based remover was a great switch for me.

3. Hydrating Light Moisturizer - This product was my first purchase from the Simple brand and after a year, just like the facial wash, I am still on my first bottle.  The moisturizer comes in a bottle the same size as  the eye-makeup remover does (4.2 fl oz.) and does not contain any perfumes or dyes.  Vitamin B5, Vitamin E, Glycerin, and Borage Seed Oil, are the 4 moisturizing ingredients this product contains.  Usually, I apply this moisturizer right after I get out of the shower (which I take before bed) and then again when I wake up in the morning because it claims a "12 hour moisturization."  Like the other 2 face products, a little bit of this goes a long way.  It is extremely light, spreads across your face easily, and takes literally less than a minute to absorb into your skin so you aren't left feeling sticky.

4. Cleansing Facial Wipes - I am going to be honest and say that I no longer buy these wipes.  I used them to remove my makeup before going to bed but since I now take showers at night, they are no longer necessary for me.  But holy cow do these work well!  Before buying Simple, I used Ponds Chamomile and White Tea Cleansing Towelettes which also worked well but dried my face in the process.  These wipes are thicker than most and have the perfect amount of moisture in making your face feel refreshed after using.  No alcohol or oil is used in these wipes either.

These are just the products that I have been using for the last year.  They have many other choices and face products to help you.  Be sure to check out their website and take a skin consultation to find what's best for your skin! http://www.simpleskincare.com/

 Simple Skincare is available at most drugstores in the U.S.

 **This post was not sponsored in any way.  These products were all purchased with my own money and I decided to do this post on my own terms. (:

Saturday, February 2, 2013


If you are into romantic-comedies than this is a must-see movie for you.  The plot is set post zombie apocalypse in North America where the dead are separated from the living.  R (Nicholas Hoult, who is well-known as Tony in the UK television series Skins) is a zombie who saves main character, Julie (Teresa Palmer), from a zombie attack and they begin to develop a relationship.  All while keeping R from getting his head blown off and Julie from being eaten, R starts to feel what it means to love again and their relationship helps other zombies feel emotion and return human.

Warm Bodies is playing in theaters now!

Thursday, January 31, 2013

How Much Is Your Face Worth?

I just want to mention beforehand that these products can all be purchased from drugstores, Target, Ulta, Drugstore.com, etc.  They are relatively cheap and affordable for most.  I hope you find something you like!  (:
Price: $6.49
I have been using this concealer for quite a while now.  Since Maybelline's Dream Mousse Concealer was discontinued I decided to stay on the Maybelline train and give this product a go.  I must say that I really like it!  It has medium coverage and is easy to apply.  It does feel a bit sticky though if you don't brush a bit of powder over the area.

Price: $8.99
This liquid foundation is a great foundation!  It has phenomenal coverage and evens out the skin tone beautifully.   I love that it has a pump to distribute the product so that I can control how much I want out.  I normally just pump a little on the back of my hand and use a buffer brush to blend it onto my face.  This is a product that also requires powder to set it and does feel sticky if not powdered.

Price: 5.99
Since I am so in love with the Maybelline concealer and foundation mentioned above, I was on a quest to find powder that won't make me look cakey but that will set the other makeup products.  This one has turned out to be my favorite so far.  Not only does it smell good but it does wonders in fixing the stickiness and even makes my face baby bottom soft.  I swear I could not keep my hands off my face during the first week of using this.  The downside to this product is that it is powder so it does get really messy inside the container. 

Price: $2.99
After seeing so many Beauty Gurus on YouTube gush over this eyeshadow I just had to try it myself.  I am more of somebody who likes the natural look with neutral colors but this was a light pink that I was willing to try.  Let me tell ya, finding this product was a challenge like no other!!  I literally traveled to 4 CVSs, 2 Wal-Marts, and 3 Targets before I finally scored it at a Target about 20 minutes from my house.  But oh baby, was it worth it!  This eyeshadow is so gorgeous and I love that it gives you a crease color as well as a brow bone highlight.  I used this stuff for weeks on end before becoming obsessed with an Urban Decay Naked Palette dupe.  As of last week, I have switched back to wearing this trio 24/7 and I still love it as much as I did the first time.

Price: $7.99
The reason for getting this mascara was because I needed one that increased volume and not length.  I had some Clinique mascaras that were absolutely wonderful but they lengthened my lashes which is a problem for someone with glasses.  My lashes would rub against my glasses no matter how far up I curled them and it was extremely irritating.  When going to the store I was set on getting Maybelline Falsies but changed my mind when I saw this one.  I am really impressed in how good it makes my lashes look and I'm glad I bought this one instead.

Price: $7.49
So to be honest, I am not entirely in love with this eyeliner like I am with the rest of makeup products.  When I was in junior high I used an eyeliner that stayed on for hours and never smudged but unfortunately I wasn't smart enough to check the name of it before I throwing it away.  Good eyeliner has been a HUGE hassle for me to find since then.  I have used many different kinds but they all wear off in a few hours (like this product does) or smudge everywhere.  Please, if anyone has an awesome eyeliner to recommend to me I would be forever grateful!

Price: $4.99
This bronzer is also a product that I am not obsessing over but use anyway.  It is very light and barely noticeable to the point that it's pointless to put on because it doesn't make a difference in how I already look.  But of course I am one of those people who still uses it everyday hoping it will magically show up and look good haha.

Price: $4.99
This powder was also something I saw being raved about on YouTube so I picked it up at Target.  The link shows it at CVS because Target doesn't have it online at the moment but it is in stores!  Also, the actual powder is more pink than what that picture is showing you so it's more like a blush/bronzer all in one.  This product really gives you a glow and is beautiful on all skin tones.  I definitely recommend it to everyone looking for a new blush or bronzer!

Price: $2.49
This gloss smells soooooo good!  It smells a bit like vanilla and is definitely one of those products I'd pull out on the bus and just sniff while everyone gives me weird looks.  It does what it should for a clear gloss and this is actually a product I received as an Influenster and so happy that I did!  Especially since I was in dire need of a new clear gloss, this was perfect!  I use it mainly over lipsticks to give it a more glossy/less grown up look.  I carry this product in my purse for everywhere I go.

So all in all, wearing all of these products at once means that

My Face is Worth... Duh Duh Duh

$52.41 + tax of course ;)

 Be sure to leave a comment with a link to how much YOUR face is worth.  I would love to see them!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Today I Mourn the Loss of a Pet

Today was an experience I have never experienced before.  It was an experience I wish I had never experienced for that matter...  My beagle of almost 12 years had to be euthanized. )':

Benny was my first dog and definitely the best.  Although he had gotten older he still kept his puppy spirits with him.  This whole thing happened so sudden and unexpectedly that my family and I were emotionally unprepared for the vets to suggest we put him to sleep.  We had thought perhaps he had caught the flu?  Apparently dogs do not get the flu but it was something more serious and more painful than what Benny was allowing us to see.  I don't want to get into the details because I don't want anyone to cry as much as I am crying just thinking about it right now but... Between 12-1am we had made the unanimous decision to bring him to the Emergency Care clinic and let him rest in peace eternally.

After Benny had passed, I was emotionally and physically spent but felt as if going home and falling asleep would be inconsiderate and rude.  Like I was moving on with my life and brushing off this tragic event less than an hour after it had taken place.  I had no idea what to do and how to feel.

Today, I tried to think less about it.  That's just my way with coping but of course I cried every few hours.  It's a hard adjustment to make when he was included in much of your day.

The things that I will miss:

> Waking up every morning and tucking him in in his blanket on the couch.
> Having to shoo him away while loading the dishwasher when he'd rather BE the dishwasher.
> Picking up our kitchen towel from under the table because he had pulled it off the oven to lick it.
> Opening up the back door to check on him when he hasn't come in after 20 minutes only to see him in the garden eating all our vegetables.
> Pulling him around the carpet on tummy by a toy because it feels good on his belly.
> Having him burrow under the blanket and lay next to me to keep warm.
> Chasing him around the neighborhood for an hour whenever he got a chance at freedom.
> Having to chase him up and down the backyard with a hose just to bath him.
> Opening the fridge for him when he scratched at it because there was left over chicken in there that he wanted to snack on.
> Walking in the door after a long day at work and him always being the first to greet me.

<3 RIP Benny <3

Friday, January 4, 2013

Life Lately: Living Freely!

Whoah, hey there! Long time no see eh?  Here's a little life update:

1. Change! I felt that with surviving my first semester of college classes and the crazy holiday season and crabby customers at work that I ought to have a bit of a change to lighten my mood.  I ombred my hair recently (Photo 7) and it didn't turn out half bad!  I also bought some new clothes (Photos 1 & 2) that are a bit bold and out of my comfort zone but I have fun wearing them!  Also, I got a tattoo! (Photo 9) After putting it off for a whole year, I finally just decided to do it and I love it! 
2. Christmas has passed and look what my mother got me (Photo 4), the cutest coffee mug ever!  She did very well with her gift giving as usual.  I also was given the new Bruno Mars "Unorthodox Jukebox" cd by a friend.  Yay!!  After having a little religion dispute last year (She is Jewish and I am Christian), we got each other presents this year!  Talk about true friendship right?  Lastly, The Hottest Hot Sauce in the Universe was a little gift I had picked up for my dad this Christmas and holy cow is it HOT.  I literally had to sign a waiver to buy this stuff that's how bad it is!
3.  If you haven't already made a New Years Resolution, it's not too late!  I have decided take care of my body (Photo 5) and enjoy the little things in life (Photo 3).  So far, it's been good and I can't wait what this year has in store for me!

So tell me, what did you all get for Christmas and what are your New Years Resolutions?